Clickbank Review: 6 Best Free And Paid Training Courses For Beginners To Accelerate Their Affiliate Marketing Business

In this Clickbank review, we will look closely at the 6 best free and paid training courses that are being offered to new affiliate marketers just coming into the business. This will assist them to start on the right foot and rapidly grow their affiliate marketing business. The six are:

  1. The Super Affiliate System
  2. Commission Hero
  3. Six Figure, Inc.
  4. The Six Figure Success Academy
  5. CB University
  6. 12 Minute Affiliate System

Clickbank For Affiliates

As a top 100 online retailer with 200 million customers, ClickBank sells the best digital informational products worldwide conceived and created by entrepreneurs. From categories that range from fitness and health to mouth watering cooking recipes and dating advice, ClickBank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in 190 countries. They review each product according to strict guidelines and collaborate with product creators to ensure products are suitable and appropriate for ClickBank Affiliates to sell.

Is Clickbank Legit?

The answer to this is a resounding YES! Clickbank was started in 1998 in a garage in San Diego, California. The company now has offices in Boise, Idaho and Broomfield, Colorado. Over the years, they have cemented themselves as a leader in the online marketing space. They are widely known for the following:

  • Long Established Company With Huge Affiliate Network
  • Custom Commissions Including The Ability to Pay 100% Commissions
  • One Click Upsells, Coupon Codes, Unique Tracking Codes, JV Contracts
  • Consistent Marketplace Used by Millions of Affiliates Worldwide
  • Trusted by Affiliates Because They Know They Will Get Paid
  • Weekly Payouts Like Clock Work
  • All Taxes and Affiliate Payouts Taken Care Of

Clickbank Sign Up

Signing up for a ClickBank Account is the first step to getting started as a ClickBank Affiliate. In order to sign up for a ClickBank account you must have Javascript and cookies enabled for the ClickBank pages to function properly.

Navigate to the Clickbank Sign Up Form. Complete the "Personal Information" section of the sign up form as well as the "Banking information" section. Review the ClickBank Client Contract, enter your ClickBank Account Information and complete the ClickBank Client Survey. Then confirm your ClickBank Client Account by navigating to the confirmation email in your personal inbox and confirm your account to finalize the ClickBank Account sign up process. Signing up is free.

Clickbank Marketplace

Whether you’re looking for a side or full time income, or products and offers to start your affiliate marketing business, the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace allows you to earn up to 100% commissions by partnering with global brands and businesses. This Global Marketplace could be the first step on your path to financial freedom.

When you locate an offer that you want to promote, whether by browsing the ClickBank marketplace or at a vendor’s website, you will be provided with your own unique tracking link which you will use to direct potential buyers to the vendor's product sales page.

You can find success across some of these product categories and more:

  • Health & Fitness
  • E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Parenting & Families
  • Business/Investing
  • Cooking, Food, & Wine
  • Software & Services
  • Arts & Entertainment

How to Make Money With Clickbank

There are lots of ways to make money with Clickbank. There is the free method and a paid method. One thing is certain, if you are serious about growing an affiliate marketing business and accelerating that growth, then the paid method is the route to take.

Free does work when you are just starting out, but it is a painstakingly laborious and tedious process before you can realize real success, if any at all.

Below I will outline the 4 best products on the market right now that will help you to master the business and get started the right way the first time.

Best Products For Beginners To Learn The Clickbank Affiliate Program

The best thing about these products is that they are free to start. And you can use them to learn affiliate marketing quickly to boost your confidence when trying to drive traffic to offers.

Usually, you are invited to participate in a free online training or webinar, and you only need to have an email address to attend. You learn all you can in these presentations and you agree to participate further when given the opportunity but only if you truly believe it is the right fit for your objectives.

(1)The Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is a 6 week training program with the primary objective of creating an effective affiliate marketing business. It will also guide you with getting it profitable in as short a time as possible. This is accomplished through step-by-step proven methods taught by online marketing experts making at least 6 figures in revenue.

The free training webinar and subsequent course was conceived by Master Affiliate and Entrepreneur John Crestani. It is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. It follows a simple 3-step system.

The Super Affiliate System is a complete affiliate marketing training program that shows people how to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns.

Learn how to pick the right offers and get buying customers to those offers. You will be shown how to turn this into an internet empire from the masters of the affiliate marketing world.

The program will then focus on how to scale these advertising campaigns as fast as possible and build a full fledged affiliate marketing empire.

Sign up now for the free training webinar!

(2)Commission Hero

Commission Hero was created by the No. 1 Clickbank Super Affiliate worldwide. His name is Robby Blanchard and you cannot go wrong if you choose to sign up for his product. Robby has mastered how to utilize Facebook effectively in his affiliate advertising campaigns.

His 3-Step formula is simple and resonates well with new affiliates just starting on their journey. It teaches how to make affiliate commissions without a website, email list, or any products of your own. He is highly accredited for being personally hands on with each of his students.

In this training course, you will receive done for you landing pages, a swipe file from his successful ad campaigns, Facebook ad campaign training and the complete Commission Hero System.

Sign up now for the free training webinar!

(3)Six Figure, Inc.

Six Figure Inc. was conceived by Dirk "Diggy" de Bruin. Dirk is a regular guy. In fact, he doesn’t have any college or university degree. He started out stacking shelves in a supermarket for 13 bucks an hour back in 2008. He quickly realized he was going nowhere fast and wanted to improve his circumstances in life.

That's when he made the switch to a successful career in online marketing and has not looked back since. He developed the six figure income strategy, which is slightly different from the others, as he teaches you how to create your own digital ecourse for retail. This way you keep all the profits for yourself and you could utilize affiliates if you so desire.

What You'll Learn: 

1 - Why creating your own digital course is the easiest and most reliable way to build a six figure per year online business.

2 - How to create your own course, even if you don't consider yourself an expert or if you don't have a clue what to create it on.

3 - Get his exact step-by-step blueprint on how to get started from scratch, in the next 90 days, even if you're a complete beginner with no previous experience.

Register now for the free training webinar!

(4)Six Figure Success Academy

six figure success academyThe Six Figure Success Academy is one in which you can completely automate from home, or anywhere in the world! It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or how much experience you have! This requires ZERO marketing skill, no SEO, Facebook or Google ads, Emails Lists OR Email Marketing.

Even better…
… you DON’T need any experience
… you DON’T need a website and you won’t need to make one
… you DON’T need to spend a dime
… you DON’T need to write emails or have an email list
… you DON’T need to pay for any traffic or know how to drive traffic
… and MORE!

Most strategies require you to buy traffic or hold all type of risk on your shoulders to get started. This innovative strategy eliminates those problems and introduces you to a brand-new way to earn from home or anywhere you are in the world.

This training is run by Mike Balmaceda & Ty Cohen, two of the more successful marketers in the online game. They’re going to show you live on the webinar how they’re generating income, and the three steps you can start using NOW to start duplicating their success.

Register now For the FREE Training! 

(5)CB University

CB University is the flagship product of Clickbank itself. This was designed by Clickbank to help both affiliate and vendor achieve greater success with their business on the Clickbank platform.

This affiliate training program is jam-packed with step-by-step videos, interviews with experts, some marvelous tools, and fantastic support. Most importantly, you are taught by successful coaches who are vendors and/or affiliate marketers themselves.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to create a digital product
  • How to create a landing page/squeeze page
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • How to drive traffic to your landing page
  • How to get affiliates to promote your product
  • How to scale up your ClickBank business

The 8-Week Affiliate plus 12-Week Vendor Class comes with a few bonus surprises as well. What better way to learn about the platform and affiliate marketing than being coached by the creators themselves.

Sign up now for the CB University training!


If you are an affiliate marketer or planning to become one soon...Then The 12 Minute Affiliate System was made for you! You're about to find out how to finally start earning consistent affiliate commissions with a proven system that works! Here you will discover a simple program that one veteran online marketer used to pocket up to $460 per day. The best part is that you will be able to copy exactly what he does. And in a very short time do the same for yourself in just a few hours a day.

This system is perfect for newbie and intermediate affiliate marketers. There really has never been a fool proof method for building your email list while racking up daily affiliate commissions. Until Now...Would you believe that the system is set up just as easy as 1, 2, 3? And in just 12 short minutes! Simply tell the system what affiliate products you want to promote.

Add some push button traffic that literally takes 2 minutes to generate. Then watch the system grow your list and sell your affiliate products for you! It's that easy. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is for $9.95 USD.

Sign up now for The 12 Minute Affiliate System

Final Thoughts

All you need to get started on any of these programs, is a laptop computer with internet service. When you join Clickbank as an affiliate, promote products that have commission of more than 40%, and a gravity score of  30 or more. The gravity score designates how many affiliates have had success selling that product in the last 90 days.

The only negative I see with Clickbank and the training products outlined above, is non-action on the potential affiliate marketer.

Take Action Now!

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